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[UMP Vietnam HIV ATTC] Home isolation and self-care for asymptomatic F0, F1 cases: Perspective and PracticeVideoCOVID19, Healthcare, Pandemic Response
Group: Supporting public health during the COVID-19 pandemicPrint Media (i.e. newsletter or bulletin)COVID19, Healthcare, Mental Health, Pandemic Response, Stress, Treatment Planning
[UMP Vietnam HIV ATTC] Relapse prevention and Harm reduction strategies during COVID-19 pandemicVideoCOVID19, Healthcare, Training & Skill Development, Treatment Planning
[HMU] Mental health of health care workers during COVID-19VideoCOVID19, Healthcare, Mental Health
[UMP Vietnam HIV ATTC] Coocurring Disorder: PTSD (webinar recording)Video
[UMP Vietnam HIV ATTC] Survey: Online training needs of Methadone Maintenance Treatment clinics in southern VietnamPrint Media (i.e. newsletter or bulletin)

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