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What does an ITTC do?


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In order to transfer substance use prevention, treatment, and recovery innovations from research to practice, an ITTC works with its national and local governments to design and implement effective local drug demand reduction strategies that meet international standards. Substance use challenges, and the resources needed to address them, are unique to each country. Therefore, the specific efforts of each ITTC to enhance and support drug demand reduction will vary.

ITTCs may serve as strategists to:

  • engage in systems analysis and development,
  • conduct assessments to identify gaps,
  • target interventions to address areas of highest need,
  • advise and work with policy makers at local and regional levels, and/or
  • facilitate change at multiple levels to reach international standards.

ITTCs may serve as conveners to:

  • bring together stakeholders to dialogue and nurture synergetic use of resources,
  • facilitate co-creation of solutions to challenges, and/or
  • build relationships among diverse groups.

ITTCs may serve as educators to:

  • teach academic courses, deliver training and offer professional development opportunities,
  • provide skills coaching, mentoring, and technical assistance, and/or
  • develop educational products.

ITTCs may serves as capacity builders to:

  • foster organizational development,
  • support the growth of multi-disciplinary leaders, and/or
  • focus on continuous improvement and sustainable advancements.


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