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[UMP Vietnam HIV ATTC] Home isolation and self-care for asymptomatic F0, F1 cases: Perspective and Practice

Developed by Vietnam ITTC

Published on 8/11/2021

The COVID-19 epidemic is currently a global threat, with its rapid spread and potential for significant health risks. Most patients with COVID are asymptomatic or mild (about 80%) and resolve spontaneously within a few weeks without requiring hospitalization or any specific treatment. Therefore, the general trend in the world today is to instruct F0 cases with no symptoms or mild symptoms as well as F1 cases to self-isolate and self-monitor at home with the continuous and timely support of health providers.

Besides, the current situation shows that there are many sources of information about COVID-19 on social media. This is a double-edged sword in choosing a response to the epidemic. This not only brings unpredictable consequences to public health but also greatly affects the achievements of Vietnam in fighting the epidemic.

Therefore, VHATTC – UMP organized a sharing session on “HOME ISOLATION AND SELF-CARE FOR ASYMPTOMATIC F0, F1 CASES: PERSPECTIVE AND PRACTICE” to provide some information, documents, support methods as well as discuss the actual situation of the COVID-19 epidemic in HCMC.


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