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War - Psychological Skills for Surviving and Coping with Traumatic Events: Support of Adult Population in Times of War

Developed by Ukraine ITTC

Published on 5/19/2022

ISSUP Ukraine and ITTC-Ukraine welcome you to a joint initiative dedicated to the ongoing war and the horrific events that resulted from Russian's attack on Ukraine. Ukrainians are currently experiencing extremely traumatic events that will have a direct impact on their mental health for a long time to come. The purpose of these online events is to support professionals in Ukraine, to provide evidence-based available skills of first aid to people of different groups in acute and chronic stress, to teach to recognize conditions that require reference to the specialists. This webinar series is mostly targeted to the non-professionals in mental health field (family doctors, general practitioners, nurses, social workers, students), but we invite everyone who would like to receive the newest information on this important issue. 

Webinar 1: War - psychological skills for surviving (coping with) traumatic events: Support of adult population in times of war. 

Time: 5PM UK Time / 7PM Ukraine Time


Sonya Norman PhD, Professor, University of California San Diego School of Medicine Director, PTSD Consultation Program, National Center for PTSD


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