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TRAINING NEEDS ASSESSMENT for further support of addiction treatment workforce in Ukraine

Developed by Ukraine ITTC

Published on 1/31/2022

This report describes results of the Training needs Assessment Study of Specialists Who Provide Care to People with Substance Use Disorders in Ukraine, which was perfomed by ITTC Ukraine in 2021.

ITTC Ukraine was created in 2021. In order to organize its effective work, it was decided to assess the actual training needs of specialists who provide assistance to people with SUD. The study of training needs included: Desk review; Survey of healthcare facilities providing care to people with SUD; Focus groups of specialists, who provide assistance to people with SUD, and academic staff, who provide training on the topics of addiction management for specialists of postgraduate level; Survey of the advisory board members; Survey the training needs of a group of national trainers. Main findings on existing gaps and challenges in care provision for people with SUDs and training needs are included in the report. The results of the study show the need to further improve the internal system of provision of quality education for addiction specialists, their professional development, education on new technologies and technical assistance, and improvement of mental health service availability, mainly for people with mental and behavioral disorders caused by psychoactive substance use.



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